If I am the supreme leader of the world

First of all, I need to declare that it is simply impossible to become a “supreme leader” in today’s world. The following text is full of conjectures, hope they will never appear in the real world.

I can imagine how I became the supreme leader, a possible way is: I created a company, after decades of operation, the company has mastered most of the world’s money and resources. Then I use my huge assets to subvert the governments and other organizations in the world. Finally, I become the leader of the world.

As for how I will manage the world, since there is a “supreme leader”, I must be a dictator. As a dictator, in order to maintain my dictatorship, several necessary steps need to be taken. I will try to wipe everything that is against me from the earth. And to control people’s thinking, I will promote “hero-worship” in the world and the object is me, also I will monitor the communication of all citizens. Modify the language when necessary to make people unable to think about things that against me. After these steps, I will try to rebuild the history, because history is the only way people can know about the past, once history is wiped and rebuilt in the direction that I want, there is no reason to against my rule because nobody can give a standard of “better life”. Finally, I will establish a legal system that seems fair and reasonable (Just like Hangzhou $#@ $#$#& %&#%&@%&$$% &%@#$@*# did), this will ensure nobody will even feel the anomaly of the world.