No more bugs, please!

In general, I am a normal person, which means that I don’t have any special skill. But there is a skill or ability that I really want, is to write code without bugs.

Let me explain this, programming is my hobby. However, when people write code, they make some logic, structure, and syntax errors. These errors are called “bugs.” For all programmers, it is annoying to have bugs in the code. I sometimes spent hours checking a large program and finally found a missing colon in a certain part of a line, what’s more, when the logic of the program goes wrong, people even need to rewrite the whole program to correct these errors. So, bugs may be the second thing that programmers hate. However, bugs in the code are almost inevitable, and someone even joked that programmers and bugs are inseparable. Therefore, I, or almost all programmers, have a dreaming ability (in my opinion, “super power”): no bugs when writing code.

Although this ability seems impossible to obtain, it is also a good thing to have a good dream.

printf("Hello World")
printf("There is a bug above!");

If I am the supreme leader of the world

First of all, I need to declare that it is simply impossible to become a “supreme leader” in today’s world. The following text is full of conjectures, hope they will never appear in the real world.

I can imagine how I became the supreme leader, a possible way is: I created a company, after decades of operation, the company has mastered most of the world’s money and resources. Then I use my huge assets to subvert the governments and other organizations in the world. Finally, I become the leader of the world.

As for how I will manage the world, since there is a “supreme leader”, I must be a dictator. As a dictator, in order to maintain my dictatorship, several necessary steps need to be taken. I will try to wipe everything that is against me from the earth. And to control people’s thinking, I will promote “hero-worship” in the world and the object is me, also I will monitor the communication of all citizens. Modify the language when necessary to make people unable to think about things that against me. After these steps, I will try to rebuild the history, because history is the only way people can know about the past, once history is wiped and rebuilt in the direction that I want, there is no reason to against my rule because nobody can give a standard of “better life”. Finally, I will establish a legal system that seems fair and reasonable (Just like Hangzhou $#@ $#$#& %&#%&@%&$$% &%@#$@*# did), this will ensure nobody will even feel the anomaly of the world.

Help David on his research

My favorite memory in high school is that I helped my AP physics teacher David in his research. After the end of the semester 1, David invited me to help him make a GUI program for controlling wave generators in order to generate a suitable wave to bring the laser to a stable state. I accepted his invitation and went to his lab on a Sunday.

On that day, David and I studied the application programming interface of the generator and planned how to design the program. We have met a lot of problem, but finally, we completed the GUI program using the Python language. Although the output wave still does not achieve high stability of the laser that the research needs, but it is the most memorable experience after I came to high school: to achieve the goal with David and try to solve the problems, and it is meaningful. So, this was my favorite memory from my first year in senior high school.

Ubuntu 安装 OpenVPN


希望通过自己的智能手机或者笔记本经由非受信网络(例如旅馆或者咖啡厅WiFi)安全访问互联网?虚拟专有网络 (VPN)无疑是最理想的解决方案。流量会首先被引导至VPN服务器,而后再前往目的地。



$ sudo wget -O && bash

或者下载 (openvpn-install) 然后执行

$ sudo bash

安装完成后,会在当前目录生成 .ovpn 文件,将这个文件从服务器中下载。在客户端程序中导入这个文件。


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