No more bugs, please!

In general, I am a normal person, which means that I don’t have any special skill. But there is a skill or ability that I really want, is to write code without bugs.

Let me explain this, programming is my hobby. However, when people write code, they make some logic, structure, and syntax errors. These errors are called “bugs.” For all programmers, it is annoying to have bugs in the code. I sometimes spent hours checking a large program and finally found a missing colon in a certain part of a line, what’s more, when the logic of the program goes wrong, people even need to rewrite the whole program to correct these errors. So, bugs may be the second thing that programmers hate. However, bugs in the code are almost inevitable, and someone even joked that programmers and bugs are inseparable. Therefore, I, or almost all programmers, have a dreaming ability (in my opinion, “super power”): no bugs when writing code.

Although this ability seems impossible to obtain, it is also a good thing to have a good dream.

printf("Hello World")
printf("There is a bug above!");