The Machine Learning

The tremendous development of artificial intelligence technology in recent years has made this technology famous, people even can hear this word from a primary school student who just knows how to type. However, as an important part of artificial intelligence, “machine learning” is not so famous. However, machine learning is a shortcut to “intimate contact” between ordinary people and artificial intelligence, even if they do not have in-depth study in computer science.

So, what is machine learning? You can simply understand from the literal meaning: give computers the ability to “learn”. Machine learning is a very interesting technique. It uses technical means to enable computers to analyze the information they receive and to form an “understanding” of the information. Machine learning is a very esoteric technique, but it is friendlier to the average user than to the developer. In other words, if people don’t plan to write a machine learning algorithm and just apply machine learning, it will be very simple and attractive.

In order to make simple use of existing machine learning techniques, we can use some open source libraries to achieve. For example, for most students, writing a TOEFL essay is a painful thing, and if we look through common machine learning documents, we will find a library called “scikit” for literary analysis such as semantic recognition. Therefore, we only need to write a program that uses this library (this is still difficult, but obviously it’s easier than writing a machine learning algorithm from the beginning, and it seems to have been written by some machine learning experts). So, we just import a few TOEFL essays we wrote before (this is called “training”), and then import a sample of the TOEFL essay you are about to write, the computer can analyze your logic, style and other writing habits and the sample. Then, rewrite “your own” TOEFL essay, does this sound great? (I am not trying to provide a lazy way to write a TOEFL essay, it is important to learn English well) Of course, machine learning can do a lot of other things like face recognition, OCR, even Alpha Go uses machine learning. So, machine learning fascinates me because machine learning can provide a quick way for ordinary people to solve practical problems.